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   State of the Art Manufacturing Facility 

Equipped with modern Machineries from reputed suppliers in the Industry In India & Overseas .viz. a) Spices Cleaning & Sorting .ex.Buehlers ,Germany.       b) Grinders c) Blenders d) Packaging Unit: ex.reputed Indian suppliers .

On Line Quality Assurance 

With In house testing facility Kalpesh Assures product quality on line with essential Monitoring, Sampling, and Analysis & Record keeping. 

Qualified & Trained Personnel 

positioned to carry out these specialised jobs in tune to Specific Customer Specifications. They are given essential training on job /workshops to update on Knowledge base /skills to cater to the dynamic changes in market place and periodical customer audits. 

InHouse Laboratory

In conformity to Customer Specifications /standards products readied, Analysed 

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